Menopause And Weight Gain

Menopause is unavoidable event is women life. As it is the major shift in a woman physical empire so it also brings some big changes in woman life. One of these changes is the weight gain. Most women are passed through menopause at the age of 50. When we try to expose this issue most of the women links menopause and weight gain. But the question is why our body gain too much of weight at this stage?

Menopause And Weight Gain

Some people might think that life style change triggered this change also. But there is evidence that our body starts gaining weight especially the abdomen while in our younger age this happened to other parts of  our body like hips.

The correct answer to this weight gaining phenomena is hormonal changes, changes at very high level not the routine changes our female bodies subjected in other previous parts of life.

At this stage the woman body brings the ovulation process to end (stops producing eggs for fertilization and pregnancy).Her monthly periods (Menses) comes to end and her body changes its level of producing female hormone estrogen. Woman body produces lower level of estrogen as compared to pre Menopause era. This hormone estrogen is responsible for producing eggs (Ovulation). Laboratory research on animals shows that during this period their body weight also increases and same is the case in human female body. During childbearing stage women body store fats in lower abdomen while during this stage it shifts from level to abdomen. So women body starts storing fats like men. This is the health risk factor because it enhances the chances of heart diseases.

At this time women muscles turning to fat and their metabolism process slow down. So this is the time your should change your eating and other habits (exercise etc.). We can’t suggest the same calories for a person in 30 and 60. They are not same age group so their body needs are not same.

Now the question is how to control weight gain in this period?

Hormone Therapy
Some people suggest that hormone therapy is the best solution for this problem. It will be a soothing fact for women that studies have shown that Hormone therapy does not increase weight. During therapy process some women experience bloating and water retention in beginning stages of therapy but these symptoms are temporary and not causing any weight gain. Hormone therapy is best remedy for reducing abdomen fast and cholesterol level and enhances the health of your heart. So you can reduce the chances of heart diseases with help of this process.

Unfortunately there is one issue with this therapy! Some case studies show that this hormone therapy accelerates the chances of breast cancer.

Natural Treatment Of Menopause And Weight Gain

If you found that your body has the tendency of gaining weight during this crucial life stage then you must change your routine activities. Some of them are discussed below

  •  Shift eating habits from fatty food to less fats, more fiber and sugar
  •  Exercise: Take regular exercise. As we become older our daily activities also become lower. Most we retired from most of our daily activities. Our working speed also reduces. So it is important to take regular exercise now. 30 to 45 minutes of daily physical exercise is sufficient to keep our body at healthy level. Another good habit is to do your daily things yourself as much you can do.
  • For maintaining your muscle strength, cycling or walking for legs muscles and weight for arm muscles.
  • Low stress by keeping yourself busy in some healthy activities. Practice mind relaxing activities like yoga, meditation etc.
  •  Some changes are natural and you should accept them at this stage of life. If your weight is fine but your have thicker waist and slim legs then you’re in safe zone!

Before going to apply any of these mentioned steps it is important that you should consult your physician and discuss your whole situation with her/him.

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