GreenWorks G-MAX Mower, 40V 4 AH Li-Ion Battery and Charger Inc

If you want your lawn grass have an appealing and decent looking style then you definitely need a device for this. Most of us aware of this tool by name Mower. Mowers have different types by size and mechanism. Small sizes are best for small lawns while while larger and largest mowers work for the larger lawns and golf courses respectively. Currently there are many brands of mowers each of them have their own pros and cons. In this article we discuss GreenWorks G-MAX Mower, 40V 4 AH Li-Ion Battery and Charger Inc. This is one of the best sellers of Greenworks brand.

GreenWorks G-MAX Mower, 40V 4 AH Li-Ion Battery and Charger Inc

Product description
This Battery equipped Cordless and Gas less Mower is best for performing the mowing with professional touch.

It is easy to use. Its 2 step safety start makes it easy to use.

This appliance is designed with 2-in-1 mowing features rear bagging and mulching. It is very easy with this appliance to switch from bagging to mulching without need of extra tools.

You can do 5 different types of grass cutting with this appliance. It is ranging from 7/8-inch to 2 ¾-inches. So you can get nice and even grass cut with this appliance.

Its adjustable design makes it easy to use in different situations. These easy to use comfort features consist of rubber molded handles, adjustable handle bars, larger wheels for better control.

This lawn mower is quiet and is fit for delivering reliable performance. It is also environment friendly like Greenworks other products.

Features and Benefits

  •    Power Source : Battery-powered
  •  It carries super quality G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery provides continuous power supply
  •    It offers 2-in-1 features, rear bagging and mulching capability
  •    Up-to 5 position of cutting options, ranging from 7/8-inch to 2 ¾ -inch
  •     It is equipped with 7ʺ rear wheels and 6-inch front wheels makes it fit for maneuvering around flower beds and uneven terrain
  •    Product weight : 37.5 Pounds
  •   Length : 49.5 inches
  •    Height : 38 inches
  •   Width : 16 inches
  •     Best seller in Patio , Lawn and Garden
  •    4 years warranty Double than Industry Standard

Where to Find the Best Deal

This GreenWorks lawn mowers and Charger Inc triggered a new thrill mower industry. Garden lovers would find this a useful addition to lawn supplies at affordable rate. At this moment various online and offline merchants are selling this product. But for best deal we have search some online and offline sources. Up-to the best of our knowledge we found the following deal is the best one.

Best Price

List Price: $229.00
Price: $269.99 & Free Shipping
You save: $29.00 (10%)
Availability: Usually ships within 24 Hours….

It is important to opt for this opportunity right now! Hot products like this Greenworks lawn mower evaporates very quickly from market. So don’t miss it.

My Review for GreenWorks G-MAX Mower, 40V 4 AH Li-Ion Battery and Charger Inc

This GreenWorks Mower is very popular amongst Garden lovers who want to have hassle free mowing with professional touch. It has a lot of positive reviews and scores an impressive 4.3 out of a possible 5. It is one of the best sellers on many online and offline stores.

Most users of this product are happy, satisfied and ready to recommend it for new comers.

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